The Knowledge of Sound Adjustments Which Bases on the Guitar Pedals

The audio alignment technique for professional stage performance is extremely important. Sound quality does not only affect the performance, but also greatly affected the reputation of a stage or a certain program. So audio alignment issues extremely important, etc. In terms of preparation and equipment:
  • The First Issue

+ Each guitar attached the small devices are easy to own one some resonance frequency sounds emanating from the guitar pedals, make sounds in a certain frequency noise and that is one of the main causes of phenomenon (ringing, howling) feedback. The first important task of tune sound setup, then it’s time to find out what that frequency and adjustment on the guitar pedals before the show.

  • The Second Issue

Each set of speakers or the guitar pedals are adjustable to different possibilities, make sounds of different size at different frequencies. None of the speakers or the guitar pedals have the ability to adjust both the absolute level (Deputy Modulation Effect used in audio recording studio show relatively flat, most honest and also more expensive speaker of the guitar pedals). Often, the type of guitar pedals not good bass and treble will be weak but the strong middle. This is quite important and is one cause of the phenomenon of feedback and all delays (primarily located in the middle near the bass range 250Hz – 750Hz). The guitar pedals big bass is better expressed, including the best bass, guitar pedals opposite the smaller the better treble.
  • The Third Issue

Sounds to reason emits long wavelength should be at a distance 1 so far sat still enough to hear the sound, so people just need to find placement for the bass to be heard or . Bass bringing mechanical energy and is usually close to the ground or wall to problems sound transmission through matter, not necessarily through the air. The guitar pedals for bass Treble usually high nature-oriented arrangement is the best guitar pedals when people sit in a position to have to see the sound is emitted from the best guitar pedals. If the room has great length one could add different guitar pedals to support people sitting behind you hear better.
  • The Next Thing You Should Know

The guitar pedals are located in the center often hear negative or too large lack is often seen as reducing negative phenomena and resonant sound due to the same frequency and phase (or deviation 180) coming from 2 or more incense. This is the same as the phenomenon of interference of light waves, or waves on the water. Sounds of phase sound would make noise and cause discomfort when listening to long, this makes many people do not pay attention.
  • The Next Thing

The power of the guitar pedals and delay pedals is an important indicator when determining the assurance of sound quality when playing live. Due to the basic amplifier transistor circuit is not straight (not all), so when the audio input exceeds 1 or a certain boundary, the amplifier will start to ruin the sound, the sound will be inhibited or lost must first few specific frequency. Therefore it is always investing to shopping 1 power amplifier greater the sound level does not ensure greater damage, proportional to the size of the guitar pedals consolation. Like the amplifier, the guitar pedals also only certain limitations in capacity and also easy to damage known as the threshold. Note: when used with the instrument and mic peak power (peak) is always greater when playing rehearsals and broken voice phenomenon also more likely to occur.
  • The Six

 About to the setup of the guitar pedals sound, an important device for connection between instruments, mic with mixer without loss of signal quality. The important points of the guitar pedals:
– 1 signal when transmitted over long distances no coaxial wires, the more degrade away. Due to the magnetic field produced by the alternating current signals, especially at low frequency and high signal levels, easy low birth audio language (harmonic distortion). The guitar pedals from wire transfer asymmetric signal (usually from instrument plug) into coaxial symetric (XRL) and can ensure the quality of the leads away to the mixer desk.
– The difference between the total return instruments, mic and guitar pedals between the different is one of the important reasons for making the sound of the instrument or mic to the small ones often cause more trouble tuning live (as must frequently adjust the preamp Gain of different circuits). So to have one uniform impedance instrument and mic plugs usually through the guitar pedals.
  • On the Calibration on the Guitar Pedals (Mixing Console)

 Everyone’s voice was another male, if someone who sings with guitar playing well, people are clear bass and middle (usually men) who only hear the treble (usually women) for up mission sound editors are adjusted so that the sound emitted from this guitar that everyone clear, full frequency range without losing quality own herd. It is also adjusted for the negative balance of frequency, there a few important points: the sound from the bass guitar sound with middle and always helps to flex conveying high, causing psychological impact on the listener. So if someone who owns or so, the guitar sound is good, the treble adjustment to just add a little more compelling vocals.

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