Which Guitar Delay Pedal Effects is Right for You

If you are one of the lovers of music and instrument especially guitar, perhaps you will know how the best guitar delay pedal is very helpful for creating the echo effects for numberless songs by means of their own different ways. What is more, it is capacity of not only making a guitarist’s illusion when creating additional texture but also expanding your playing and adding the new dimensions to your songs.
However, it is quite difficult for you to choose before too many options on the today’s market. Therefore, in this article, I will provide the detail information about the different kinds of guitar delay pedals so that you can find the most appropriate one to your effect demand. Remember that there is no the best model so the selected guitar delay pedal should meet your matter of preference. For example, some guitarists love playing with the best delay pedal while others want the digital delay pedal’s precision. Meanwhile, some of them love the tape delay pedal like a lunchbox attached to a big price tag. In a word, the guitar delay pedal manufacturers are producing many kinds more and more so you have to know what to use for selecting easily.

1/ The Tape Delay Pedal

In terms of its historical aspect, in the early 1950s, thanks to the help of Les Paul, it was been developed. You are able to imagine how it works through its sounds. If not, here is its working process. The guitar signals are recorded by a tape for a certain time to play automatically and create the echo. However, this is not the most effective delay pedal with the best effect because its working bases on the movement of parts and the tape cartridge which it is quite difficult to find. Normally, it is used in studios with the purpose of achieving more vintage tone.

2/ The Analog and Digital Delay Pedal

These kinds of delay pedals are the most common ones due to both of them are compact like stompboxes. However, they still have some differences below:
a. The Analog Delay Pedal
This has been developed popular since the middle of 1970s basing on the pioneered microchip of Panasonic. The guitar’s original sounds are come back the signal chain within the timed interval. The echoes are going to be degraded on every repeat because their fidelity is not preserved the effect’s circuitry.
The result of the degraded sound quality reaching your ears are very natural mimicking the real echoes’ effect.
Although many guitarists love the analog delay pedal’s warm tone more than digital delay, it still has its certain limitations. For instance, its simple circuitry creates a shorter delay time even less flexibility when making the different patterns of delay.
b. The Digital Delay Pedal
Its working is to take the signal guitar for converting it to ones and zeros as long as create an ideal replica for every note.
Though there are no the natural echo tone, you will own the very clean and exact echoes without going on processing.
However, this does not mean the digital delay pedal has no any benefits. In the event of your preference with the long delay time about a few seconds, this should be considered because of its capacity of making the long loops.
Its outstanding advantage is that it can create the rhythmic patterns attached echoes. Specifically, some of them like the TC Electronics Nova Delay is used for structuring your echoes (notes) so the song of player will achieve a rhythm with the appropriate echo.    

Here are some specific examples for you:

a. The TC Electronics Nova Digital Delay Pedal

This model is not supported and invalid so the Pro Addon need to be equipped for yours.
Notwithstanding the cheaper digital delay pedal, with the popular manufacturing of analog delay pedal, the cheaper methods for producing are finding in such a way that its very impressive sounds are still kept. Now, The MXR Carbon Copy is considered as an ideal option with a reasonable amount of money.
b. The MXR Carbon Copy Model:

Both the analog Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man and digital TC Electronics Nova Delay pedal are very useful with the different purposes. One of them suits my using demand like providing the vintage and warm sounds as well as the clean and exact echoes.
c. The Electro Harmonix Delux Memory Man:

As I said easier, there is no the best product. Actually, there is only the most suitable one to the utilizing demand of each individual (player and guitarist). To make the most perfect tone, I hope you understand all of detail information above as long as your finding process is easier.

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