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The guitar pedal is a relatively new concept, especially for first-time players of electronic guitars. Even you can still beat without guitar pedals, your final sound may not as good as you expect. Guitar pedals are also widely used by the reformed players with the concave key guitar.

So, What Is the Guitar Pedal?

The guitar is the first device of altering electric guitar sound waves, creating the different sound, the different effect of the electric guitar. As for why it makes changes, the structure of how to contact the physician or certain physicists. Fuzz is diversified, I roughly divided into three following groups.

By Functions

According to its function, the guitar pedals can be classified by:

– Compact Pedal or stompbox (also known as euphoria Department. It is kind of euphoria that only creates an effect or some kind of group effect.

– Multi Effect Pedal (I called euphoria table). Phnom presses types can create a lot of different sounds, a lot of different effects.

By Effects

According to the group’s effect, the guitar pedals can be classified by:

– Overdrive / Distortion

– Acoustic Dimension (Delay, Reverb, Echo …)

– Modulation (Chorus, Tremolo, Phase, Flange, Rotary, Panner …)

– Pitch / Shifter (Wah, Whammy, Octave, Shifter, Filter …)

– Change the tone & Gain Port (Compressor, Noise Gate, Equalizer, etc.)

– Other Pedal Volume, control, looper, tuner … (No-Effect)

Group effects are similarities effect transforms sound waves yet differ only in the degree of variation.

Hope that this brief introduction will provide you the basic knowledge regarding guitar pedals.